Good Karma day

Strawberry JamPickled Beets

No matter what you believe in, you can’t go wrong being good to others.

Yesterday was a day to start the prep on our seniors’ baskets for Christmas. Strawberry jam from berries we froze until we had time to work with them and pickled beets from beets stored in the cold room since September.  We have learned the trick of keeping beets and carrots in tubs of peat moss, it helps keeps them firm.

This led to quite a busy day and the realization that we need a bigger stove! Thank goodness for the element on the BBQ. But when all was said and done we produced 18 quarts of pickled beets and 20 pints of strawberry jam to add to the bread and butter pickles we already made. Hopefully the seniors will enjoy a little bit of homemade happiness.

Today is an “us” day as we head to town for an Old Fashion Victorian Christmas street event. Hoping for snow not rain. Then to pick up an old seven pane window almost 8 feet long to hang above our headboard.

Time for a little fun and Christmas spirit.



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