The First Gift of Christmas

First egg

It happened! The girls laid their first egg!!! Of course they didn’t think much of the nesting boxes and chose the stack of 2x4s in the corner behind the door. I was changing their water and putting some dry straw in the unused nesting boxes when there to my right was a lone warm egg…I then had to search the entire coop just in case there were more, there were not. I gave them a pep talk, told them how proud I am and then ran to house to explode with the news, just a great moment.

There will be eggs everyday now, simple joys.


2 thoughts on “The First Gift of Christmas

  1. I actually never dreamed of this, I dreamed of something far different and completely wrong for me. This is a gift from a man who gave me the out from that misguided dream and showed me a new reality. I would fight anyone to keep this wondrous life we have created. We are outside everyday, living in the light and fresh air. It’s glorious and I am truly blessed.


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