All done but the reno

It has been 2 days since Christmas,1 day since the tree came down and 1 day of bedroom renovations under our belt! No moss growing on us.

The “kids” , Zeus and Nemesis, had a good Christmas of new catnip mice, treats and of course wrapping paper balls. Every time a ball of wrapping paper went in the garbage bag, Zeus looked very confused as to why a perfectly good toy was not being offered to him; the best toys are the boxes and the stuff you throw away.

Christmas treats wrapping paper play time

Then to relax in the sun. A rare moment of brother-sister tolerance and it didn’t last long.

enjoying the sun

Well, enough time sitting, that baseboard is not going to paint itself and I’m starting to feel guilty about him hammering away at the new oak floor boards all by himself. He builds it, I paint it, that’s our deal and it works out pretty well.

Eight more days off work to build, cook and gather eggs. Sounds heavenly.


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