A week of food love

The menu this week looks like this:

Sunday– Meat pie and mustard pickles

Monday– Boiled Dinner with fresh baked bread and apple crispBoiled Dinner and fresh breadApple crisp

Tuesday– Fried bread dough”pancakes” for a heavy lunch and snacking on apple   crisp, of course.    Planning on being in a Carb Coma for the remainder of the day.
Wednesday– Roasted Chicken breast, bread stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, mixed garden veg and stewed rhubarb for desert/late night snack.
Thursday– Baked Beans and biscuits, with left overs frozen for work lunches.
Friday– Butternut squash pasta sauce experiment…we’ll see, otherwise there’s lots of leftovers to scavenge. Result=definitely girl food, will be work lunches 🙂
Saturday– free day, if you can find it you can eat it.  It’s not like the freezer and cold room aren’t fully stocked from the fall.
     Then there are the eggs to consume. Breakfast/lunch has been an omelet of onion,garlic, mushroom, and spinach or just plain scrambled. We are up to 3 eggs a day from the girls so I will have to be more inventive.
     After that, it’s back to the work a day world. Christmas vacation is going so fast…OK, it’s only Tuesday but it goes by in the blink of an eye.
     The reno should be picture worthy later today too. It’s beautious.

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