Bean seeds

grocery store beans bagged beans

It has been a learning experience searching for the dry bean we want to grow.  We want the little white pea bean that we grew up on, the one from the grocery store. We grew a Hidasta and looked at soldier beans but they come out too large and ultimately dry when cooked, fine if using in soup or ground as a dip but not baked. Our regular seed suppliers don’t carry a pea bean/navy bean.

So back to the bag from the grocery store…it could work. Other than the bag stating it is a product of Canada we have no idea where they are from or how they were grown(not an organic product) but we tossed a couple in soil to see if they might sprout. They did very quickly.

We’ll see how they continue and give them a shot in the garden this year. We have been eating them since we were kids, how bad could they be? A couple of years growing without chemicals in our garden should clean them up in any case.

We joke that we are organic through sheer laziness. We’re not organic, we simply do not use any chemicals. We enrich the soil with compost, have been known to pick potato beetles by hand and rotate beds as we see fit. This year we are trying a few companion plantings to reduce pests(catnip, marigolds, garlic chives), egg shells against the slugs, coffee grounds for the roses and to drive the ants out of the strawberries, as well as letting the chickens in the garden (fenced and supervised) as they love grubs and we don’t.

As soon as the ground thaws…


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