Say Cheese!

This was extremely fun and easy, something I have wanted to do for some time now. The time spent not watching TV(we don’t have cable or satellite and yes, only one TV) has been spent researching and getting revved up to do many, many things. I made cheese!

The entire process took about an hour from start to finish.

ready, set, go
ready, set, go

I got my delivery yesterday, ran out and got milk (sad, no cow) and laid out what was needed, which wasn’t much.

It’s milk, citric acid, water, salt and rennet.

cut the curd
cut the curd

Heat the milk and citric acid to 90 degrees, remove from the heat and add the rennet. Let sit 5 minutes, gently cut the curd and cook to 105 degrees.

gentle heating & stirring
gentle heating & stirring

Stir slowly as not to completely mash the curd. It separates from the whey quickly. At 5 minutes you remove from the heat and stir for another 5 minutes.

Pour the pot into a strainer over a bowl(you want the whey). Pour the whey back in the pot and heat to 185 degrees.

curd drained
curd drained

I made 4 sections from the curd and dunked it in the (now salted) whey to reheat so I could knead and form the balls. I wore 2 pairs of rubber gloves as my hands do not enjoy being burned.

After the first ball I could see the glove imprint in the cheese so flipped the gloves onto the wrong hands for a smooth finish, awkward but effective. I will be shopping for smooth gloves.

Fresh Mozzarella balls
Fresh Mozzarella balls

And this is what it looks like. It has to soak in cold water in the fridge for 3 hours yet and then we eat. I will try freezing one, the rest are good for 10 days.

I am saving the cheddar culture for real cow milk…here’s hoping we can co-op a cow or buy land…

Learning new things makes me want to learn more 🙂

This is where I got the rennet and citric acid. There are videos and recipes, easy to follow:


2 thoughts on “Say Cheese!

  1. Did I make a mistake? Was I supposed to give birth to you a hundred years ago? Everyone else is gung-ho about the newest technology and here you are making cheese and wanting to milk your own cow. LOL More power to you. Do what makes you happy. Love you always……………


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