Tomato Sauce, from scratch

The best advice we found on not wasting tomatoes when they are in season and the world is going too fast to do anything with them is to throw them in a bag in the freezer, whole. When you have time, thaw them in a colander in the sink. It seems so easy but I was stressing over how to preserve them and didn’t want the heat in the kitchen during summer.

We lost almost all of our Ox Heart Tomatoes to late blight but our friends and family were kind enough to donate their extra. Our tomatoes will be staying in the greenhouse this year as the farm field next to us is on it’s potato rotation, if they end up with blight we are not losing everything again.

Frozen tomatoes thawing
Frozen tomatoes thawing

Once thawed they get run through the food mill; very neat process that removes the skin and seeds. The seeds make long cooked items(soup/sauce) bitter. I found that out the hard way after spoiling a batch of tomato basil soup. It was a sad moment.

The food mill process
The food mill process

Tear the tomatoes up a bit and simply grind away. It’s a good arm workout too. I grind the entire thing twice just to make sure I have all the meat I can get from it.

Sauce simmering for hours
Sauce simmering for hours

From here it’s to the pot. Heat onions and garlic in a large, thick bottomed pot, pour in the liquid tomato and season heavily with basil(fresh/frozen from summer) and Italian herb mix from our dried herb collection. I sprinkle a little sugar and a good grinding of salt and pepper to taste.

The reward.
The reward.

I added red peppers to this batch, mushrooms would have been good if I had thought to go to the local plant, next time.

Simmer for 5-6 hours and you have an amazing meal. Freeze or pressure can the excess. It’s gone in 3 days, lets be serious.


One thought on “Tomato Sauce, from scratch

  1. We found an old food mill whilst clearing our the loft at the In-laws, will be trying it out this summer. Mind you last year was a great years for the toms, we have so many jars of pasata, ketchup, ratatouille (Polish style) and just plain old chopped tomatoes that I think we might even make it till the next crop…..mind you now I have said that I have doomed this years plants to blight already 😦

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