Knitting Memories

Smaller storm results
Smaller storm results

Storms make me sit quietly, sometimes, and I can let my mind wander. Knitting is a great pass time for allowing that and I don’t end up feeling like I have wasted time. I am not good at doing nothing, it drives me crazy and as I do have many occasions to wear rubber boots and the wool socks do make them very comfy, it all works out.

Big storm results
Big storm results

So, when the sky turns white and there is no point in cooking, as the power may not stay on, I knit.

My mother taught me to knit recently, she has the patience of a saint. I probably knit as a child but that was long, long ago. It was awkward and  frustrating but I got the basic stitches attempted and after a year of repeatedly trying and repeatedly putting the basket away no further ahead, it happened; I could knit a sock. The goal accomplished. I may never go beyond the sock but it makes me happy.

A reminder to learn from those around you, they may not always be there. A fond memory is sweeter than a lost opportunity and regret( I never learned to use my father’s wood lathe, always fascinated to watch him but never asked to learn). Take the time, soon, and sit with a friend or family member and let them teach you  something.

When I use a skill from a loved one I pull up the memories and warm my heart with them.


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