Cleaning Bees Wax

We harvested 3 medium frames of honey in the fall and stored the crushed wax remnants in a bag in the freezer until there was time and desire to experiment with cleaning it. Today was that day.

After a little video watching and article reading we decided to try the “melting in a pot of water” method. The theory goes that the gunk sinks and the clean wax floats to the top. When cooled you simply lift the wax disk out, clean the bottom and repeat at least three times to completely clean it.  I can only tell you that this is gross. The little bee bodies and leg parts…ick. There is no way around it, this is messy and the tools you use will never be good for anything else again, be forewarned. We used the soap making equipment since the beeswax is an ingredient in that too.

pot and water method...
pot and water method…
Top of disk
Top of disk
Scraping the disk, yuck.
Scraping the disk, yuck.

Well, that was not worth doing three times, twice was quite enough. On to the next method, “microwave and a jar”.

This was, by comparison, really easy. Put the broken up wax disk in a glass container(mason jar, measuring cup) and microwave one minute at a time until melted then pour through a metal sieve into the mold.

We chose to make a jar candle for our first kick at the can. If we had a larger amount we could have used milk cartons as molds and remelt the wax when we wanted to make candles or soap.

microwave cleaning=easy
microwave cleaning=easy

The three frames ended up being one cup and fit nicely in a 250 ml mason jar. The candle is clean and smells delicious.

A fun and easy Sunday project while the sun melts the snow and ice outside.


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