It may be snowing but we are growing.

CSC_0133 CSC_0132 CSC_0131 CSC_0140

The never ending winter, as it is, means the early planting for the garden is house bound for the next while yet. We learned a neat little trick to strengthen the peppers and tomatoes…clip off the new growth( the first couple leaf sets) and the stem then becomes tree trunk strong! Really. It is the best tip from the net yet. From floppy to supper strong in a day, no kidding.

This morning we had bare ground and excitement, this afternoon we have another 10 cm of snow…I almost put the shovels and scrapers away this morning. Glad I didn’t follow through on this(aka, lazy moment).

The plan of peanut planting may be put off until next year when spring might actually happen…we had the best of intentions and hoped for an early spring. We shall cover the earth in black plastic if the snow goes away but otherwise it will be another year before we give it a try. It needs the longest possible growing season we could have,this year is not it.

It is April 28 and we already know we are in for a very short season of growing. We will make the most of it as we always do but it is disappointing to know we are already behind and chasing it. All we can do is try to stock the cold cellar with what we can and give it a go again next year…and we haven’t even started.

Maybe this is the year we spend our time adventuring the island beaches … not a bad option either.

The basics will be fine, the extras will be just that. At the whim of mother nature, and this is her current desire. So be it.

Lets see what the greenhouse can do for us this year. We do enjoy a challenge. It’s on mother nature! 🙂


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