Every moment counts

CSC_0285It’s finally “that time” of year again. Every moment counts in order to get our seasonal to-do list complete.

Tonight after work it was a quick relax and refuel then outside to transplant the rhubarb from under the evergreens to full sun with the berries. The sheer excitement of thawed ground to till was almost overwhelming.

We had given some roots to a friend last year and his grew twice as big as ours.  A wee bit disappointing for us but really good for him, and thus the move. Once we collect our yearly supply of garden straw, this too will be covered. We have no time or patience to spend weeding and straw does the trick.


With that done we are now able to sit on the back deck , watch an owl fly over, listen to the Mourning Doves cooing and the wild Turkey “gobble-gobbling” in the woods.

The Turkey lived through their first winter as local wild life transplants with only one known fatality (hit by a car).

10. October

They have been know to intimidate small children and were fearless of cars as they strolled the road side going house to house. We would roll up beside them and exchange “gobble-gobbles”. I thought they were very polite, always willing to exchange pleasantries.

Every moment is enjoyed, whether working on a project or simply being still. Life is beautiful.


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