CSC_0304It’s a day of beginnings. The fence flower garden is coming together. At every 8 ft post is a Hosta, then alternating butterfly bushes and catnip bushes. All of this with a juniper border and the left over black mulch from last years plans. After this it will be our connection to free wood chip mulch we found. A big old bush/tree to move, add some lilies from behind the house and maybe tomorrow it can be done.


Next, on to the chicken tractor, first the door end then the walls and wheels, tomorrow the mesh. The chickens are going to love the fresh grass. Right now we just throw them grass from the yard, they love it, chasing us around the run for it.


Then the rain came and sent us indoors to organize and paint. The interior of the green house is getting a coat of white before the plants move in. It’s still cool and frost risks in the mornings. Soon all will be hardened off and ready for the coming garden.


This is and will be my sanctuary. Move in the plants and furniture…the rain sounds lovely on the roof.

Well, it has been a long day of varying tasks, the garage in coming together as well. Cupboards have been hung and storage has been placed, just need to decide what goes where and the full-on clean and organized life can get it together. It all takes time, more than you planned for, but the results are so heart warming and make us proud of our accomplishments.

It’s our little world and we like it that way.


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