Chicken tractor

CSC_0427The chicken tractor is in use. The girls are so happy to be out on fresh grass rather than the dried up run. The minimum space per chicken outside , so we have read, is 10 square feet per bird. We built a 14 x 25 foot run and they ate it clean as it grew leaving nothing but a really big dust bath for themselves. Still glad we over built as minimum living standards are not what we aim for, thus the tractor.


We have corrugated metal sheeting to make a sheltered end for them but the spare door is a quick throw on to get them in today. They’re not big on aesthetics, just grass.

The natural posture of a happy chicken is fluffy butt up. They chased each other for “prime” grass blades, a joy and chuckle to watch.

DSC_0346They were enjoying the new surroundings and the surroundings were enjoying them. Two of the three backyard bunnies came to investigate these new creatures in their domain, very exciting in chicken land.

CSC_0428 CSC_0429

The fact that wildlife continue to feel comfortable around us never gets old. The bunnies hang out, the chipmunk and squirrel will run under our legs in the Adirondacks when we sit. The raccoon, fox, feral cats, humming birds, ravens, finch…you name it and they know they are safe so they don’t run but rather enjoy our yard with us.  It’s like Cinderella and Dr. Dolittle had a farm,we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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