Chicken Brooder expansion

DSC_0444 DSC_0441So, the meat chicks arrive tomorrow morning at 8 am. The anxiety and excitement for their appearance is crazy. They will be loudly chirping, need each of 28 beaks forcibly dipped in the water to ensure they start drinking then the patience of making sure everyone of them can “make their business” without having a pasty butt…the best 8 weeks of their lives begins tomorrow.

For the first week or so the plywood remains guarding them from the laying hens and more importantly, the draft. After that it comes off and the Girls get to see their first set of chicks. If they get along that would be great. We so want them to be good Mammas to the littles, that’s another waiting game.

The feeders and water jugs get sanitized tonight, filled in the morning (6 am) and the lights turned on to get the heat up for our new additions. This is the cute cuddly moment, the hard dispatching of life is later.

For now we enjoy the new life of cute yellow “peeps”.


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