The red light chick district

The red light chick district is up and running again this year. We picked up the day old chicks and took those peeping little yellow fluff balls home. After a short drive all 30 littles were placed in their brooder pen . We ordered 28 but got 30, coverage for losses I guess.

Chicken day 2015 205The temperature was checked, yup toasty warm. The chicks didn’t believe us so checked themselves.Chicken day 2015 209

Their beaks were dipped, butts checked and we are off to the races with the first of two batches of meat chickens for the year.

This is most of the chicks. For being a day old they sure can move fast. It tends to be short bursts of running in straight lines, not much navigational control yet but tremendously cute. We have them under heat lamps, one clear one red, we’ll see if they prefer one over the other. We have been told the red prevents pecking as it camouflages the blood.

Chicken day 2015 213 The big girls did not enjoy the new company. They quickly went out into the run and remained there all day, in the rain. I went out with towels and gave them cuddles inside as they have never been this drenched. I guess our hens are not the mamma types. Oh well, the littles are only this loud for a short while, they will settle shortly.

Small adjustment to the brooder…had to slip back into town to get 1/2 inch hardware cloth to stop the littles from getting stuck.  When we entered the brooder they would try and get away and this meant putting their heads and wings through the holes of the chicken wire, silly kids.


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