Chicken feeder

Feeding 30 chicks is very different from feeding 3 hens. Meat chickens are essentially the pigs of the chicken world. We have been refilling their feeders 3 times a day, they are a week and a half old with 6 1/2 more to go. We had to get more practical, fast.

CSC_0007With a rainy day it was off to the garage to create a chicken trough. I have an ever growing respect for his “handy” abilities. The bottom board is an old shelf from his father’s garage, the cover and front is a left over from the bee hives, the bottom groove is from the green house, and the back is from when we built the garage. The hinges were from a pantry in his father’s garage too…waste not want not.

fits an entire bag of feed.

It fits an entire bag of feed.

That will keep those hungry little growers fed for a couple days and accommodate them as they grow into the 6-8 pounds we expect of them.

DSC_0016It will still need to be cleaned up for the next week as they are small enough to stand in it. This will change in the blink of an eye.

DSC_0014Belly up to the bar little girls, no one is going hungry today. A couple more weeks in the smaller side of the coop and the littles will be changing places with the Old Hens. The 3 girls really don’t need that much space but the 30 will.

Take what you have and make it into what you need.

It’s a good life lesson…


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