Rainy Day Project for the Eternal Child

Rainy days are for indoor projects, things you wouldn’t do except now you have time on your hands…FAIRY DOORS.

Once upon a time there was a hole in the fence. OK there were two, but you get the idea.


Then it rained and the eternal child got bored with cooking and cleaning, “What to do while the man builds practical things like chicken feeders? Why build doors of course, fairy doors.”.

And so it was.

CSC_0035First the manly Gnome door. Pointed so as to let their hats through, very considerate if I do say so myself. Please knock if gnome is needed.


One must not forget the Fairies, they anger easily. When you hear the tinker of the bell you know they are out and about. Please kindly sing or hum a tune, they like that.

The garden creatures have been set free to come and go as they please.The world is as right as rain once more. May you never grow up or grow old, but be silly forever.

And they lived happily ever after.

The end.



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