It’s all done but the…

Piece by piece it is getting done. This year one of our goals is to actually finish all of last year’s started projects. We are getting there, and along the way starting new ones as we are certifiably bonkers. It’s the only explanation.

The inside of the greenhouse is done. My love of this space is boundless. The hoosier cabinet was a partially stripped find in need of repair that ended up in the basement for a couple of years. This is what it was waiting for. The color is copied from it’s original and yes, that is the gallon of paint I spilled on the floor. It’s a nice color for shoes too apparently?? It’s all clean and finished now; the focal point of my sanctuary.

DSC_0034In the center is a singer sewing machine base with a high gloss varnished butcher block. It sits under the solar chandelier.

The potting table is an auction find that was grouped with something else to sell. Works well for our purposes. Many little things have found their way into the greenhouse. The nail barrels are convenient holders of stuff and door stops, the butcher paper dispenser holds twine, and the wooden fold out step stool finally has a home where it is useful.DSC_0036 DSC_0039

All available floor space is given over to the tomatoes. Some have proper pots and were started in the house in February from seed from an organic farmer’s market tomato. The others, Amish ox heart paste tomatoes, are in ice cream buckets that we drilled drain holes in . The containers were gladly donated by our local ice cream parlor, she thought our reason for wanting them was interesting.  The red peppers, jalapenos and cherry tomatoes live on the metal racks. These are my back ups in case something bad happens in the garden.

The outside is all done but the shingling, painting, eaves troughs…when the rain stops it’s first thing on the list. DSC_0031

We started the, soon to be, picket fence around the berry patch. The pickets are coming off pallets we have collected.We used the old posts from rebuilding the side deck…oh, we redid the side deck,sort of.DSC_0044 It’s the first thing we hired out and it freed us up to do the fence, until it rained. W couldn’t completely let the side deck get built without him so he assisted for a couple of days. It is lovely to  have our early morning coffee spot back.

DSC_0095W also  laid out the basic idea he wants to do for the brick walk way step. The center is an old grinding stone. I approve. 🙂

It is currently far too muddy to be able to do more so it’s off to town to get privacy lattice to complete the front fence project so we can be done thinking about it. Another carry over that is going to get done this year.

I’m kidding myself if I truly believe we will ever be done. What would we do with our time?


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