A typical Tuesday.

This morning started with Backyard Bunny while the chickens where being let out and laundry being put on the line. Mad dash into the house for the camera, there were two but one hopped off. I think he’s cute only so long as he eats grass, when he rips limbs off the new trees I dislike him immensely.


Then on to the project list.

First the civic address sign post which will have our Forever Green Homestead sign hanging from it when we get around to making it…


The Bees needed a check in.

DSC_0143CSC_0179CSC_0181They seem to be doing OK with the open frames we gave them. They are building out comb, making new bees and storing a bit of honey. We removed the queen extruders as they seemed to be restricting all activity to the lower two boxes. The season is late this year so hoping for a proper harvest by the end of August.

Then onto the new perennial flower garden with late bloomers for the bees. Laid the edging stones, planted and mulched.


There was also a screen door built for the coop and a new mail box post built and cemented into it’s new hole. We do  a lot of digging in a day.

A little sit down was required to bird watch. Our beautiful Humming Bird gladly obliged with a photo shoot sitting at the top of the maple, very kind of him really.

CSC_0071It is a full moon and a clear sky so a fire pit with marshmallows and hot dogs was in order. We use wood pellets (no sparks) in a grill pan on the deck so we don’t burn down the new deck or the house.

DSC_0177It’s been a long day but we found time to relax as well. It was our first fire of the year, I think we missed last year altogether. We are trying to remember to indulge a little in the simple things that give us joy and trying to reserve enough energy to do it. Today we did.

The list will still be there tomorrow and we will tackle more then.


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