The privacy, it’s here.

DSC_0241And there it is, the privacy lattice and post toppers are on. It’s been a year. Neighbors have stopped their vehicles to ask,”What’s the plan with the fence?”. The 6 x 6 posts were left all willy-nilly in heights until we determined what we were doing; threw some for a loop I guess. Now to edge the flower bed, add some Iris and cone flowers for later blooming color and I think we can call it done.

The Maples are holding their own after the beating they took this winter, the middle one is gone, another is now half sized and the last one is held together with tape trying to heal a bad bend.  Will replace the middle emptiness this fall with a last of the season bush sale, apparently we are not supposed to have 5 maples, 4 will do.

Everything takes more time than you planned for and is never quite what you thought it would be, but it’s pretty none the less. Flexibility in all things, go with the flow…whatever you call it, it makes life more enjoyable. We are challenged to not only accept but appreciate what we are given.

Now to stain it and lay bricks for a walkway. The list is getting shorter 🙂


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