Walkway Wow, and garden progress

The center of my universe has been constructed with more love than I knew existed. I will be very careful when stating I like something in the future. He has a deep need to create all that I desire…I could get used to this. Plus the fact that he creates things I never envisioned or knew I wanted. He is my very own super hero. Welcome to the green house walkway built from old chimney bricks and a grinding stone from the woods…

The fence and new privacy lattice are being stained a deep chocolate brown. It is taking forever in the heat, but it looks lovely.DSC_0308The berries are coming around as well. We have had to hang some bird deterrents as we are loosing green berries everyday and they are ending up on top of the chicken run roof. Hope we get some ripe strawberries before it’s all over. It took every last scrap of ribbon I had been hanging onto in my sewing basket…
CSC_0333The peas are blossoming beyond expectation, The squash/pumpkin/cucumber/zucchini have all survived and are making a go of it.

The tomatoes are doing better inside the greenhouse but are doing ok in the garden as well.
DSC_0256 DSC_0258

The meat is growing well. We have lost three birds for a lack to thrive, glad they threw in 2 extra to cover possible loss. We have secured a humane processor that I will help with, nice to have found someone with facilities we approve of.

The 5 types of potatoes, fertilized with chicken s#%t tea, are thriving. We add the coop cleanings to the large barrel you see at the back, fill with water and wait two days. Then it’s ready to spread on the garden. It smells to high heaven but works really well. The stink stops after the first day.

DSC_0255The Peonies are in full bloom, smell fantastic (enough to over whelm the chicken tea stench).DSC_0307And the finch are hanging out with their sweet song, adding a touch of yellow to the day. Between the fragrance, the song, and the growing green food, life is soothingly glorious.

DSC_0216Things are progressing well, we are on a push with warm weather predicted for the next 6 days. Make hay while the sun shines, as it were.

Bug spray, sunscreen and a big hat…everything you need.

Have a happy Monday.


2 thoughts on “Walkway Wow, and garden progress

  1. I just happened upon your blog and Wow I love this! You are living my dream! I just have a few plants in my apartment, but having a little homestead like his would be amazing. I’m excited to check out your blog more 🙂

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