New shavings for the chicks

CSC_0343Well, I don’t know how to post a video on wordpress so you will have to go to our facebook page to see the chicks enjoying their new coop floor covering, Chicks in new straw .

We have been using feed store bales of shavings, as they advised. The chicks have never been overly interested in them. They do not scratch or dig as chickens should.

We have a leaf vacuum for fall clean up and decided to run some straw through it to break it down into smaller pieces for the new chicks. The laying hens enjoy full straw for their nesting boxes but the littles find it hard to move through. After running it through the vacuum twice we got a lovely texture that the new chicks absolutely love. We keep our old feed bags and store the straw “shavings” in them.

As we have access to free straw bales for the garden mulching( neighbor who banks her non-foundation porch for the winter and we remove it for her in the spring), this frees up quite a bit of time (in running to town) and money( at $7.00 a bale we can go through a lot). We dry it in the garden walk ways, then suck it up as needed.

Next year the garden pathways,between the raised beds, will be all wood chips from a local tree removal company that dumps in our yard when they are in the neighborhood. Tree removal companies are usually looking for someplace to dump for free, welcome to our side yard, anytime you want. So the straw needs a new purpose, and there it is. Like someone knew…we find most things turn out like this.

Keep doing what makes you happy, collect what you enjoy and eventually it will all come together as it should.


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