Bird Water Bath

CSC_0358Saturday morning, when not overwhelmed by projects, is yard sale time. Today’s finds included two cookie sheets to use as water trays in the green house,two divider bins for the deep freeze, a  small white colander with a strawberry motif, and a couple of ceramic pie plates destined to be remade into bird baths…and all for $5.00.DSC_0362

We were taking a day off, lolly-gagging around the farmer’s market, stopping at yard sales and doing a much needed clean up of the yard when we got home.

We tend to leave things were we used them last. That means tools, wood, wheel barrows and  buckets get strewn around. It’s all clean again, we look civilized. Onto the project.

Three simple holes drilled in the edge of the pie plate. We started with a small hole drilled from the underside and changed bits to get a hole that fit the S hooks. He drilled while I diligently poured water to keep everything cool.  Next, a little chain from the chicken coop heat lamp, it’s been too long for too long, and into the tree we go.

Hoping the birds appreciate the new water source. We have been filling a large mixing bowl in the grass for them but it was time to step up our game and treat them as the outdoor pets they are.

Seeing how to re-purpose ordinary objects into something new is fun for us. We both grew up in the “Mr.Dressup” era where you didn’t throw anything out. We keep everything, buttons, nails, trim, hinges, ribbon…you name it, we keep it, just in case. There is usually a use for it…eventually.


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