DSC_0364They may not be the biggest or brightest but they are our very first strawberries from our own patch.  We planted 125 plants last year, plucked the blossoms off as instructed, to wait for this years crop. It was painful but we had to have faith.

We picked them this evening, to get in before the raccoons have their midnight snack. We truly thought we would not get any and this is only 6 cups crushed and bagged for the freezer, almost a double batch of jam.

We will make jam later. There is something glorious about making jam in November or December. The smells are awesome and we have time on our hands then too.

Next year we hope to have our raccoons under control.There is currently a family living under our back deck. Our well pump house fell in with the spring flooding and has to be rebuilt this year. Once rebuilt there will be no way in( so we hope) and therefore no hungry family of really cute little ones. They are so bloody comical and interactive but I want my food more than I want to be entertained by them.June 2014 172


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