Garlic Scapes, be still my beating heart

CSC_0389 CSC_0390 The Garlic have sprouted their scapes. They have to be cut off in order to allow the garlic to focus on growing the bulbs we love. We experimented last year with leaving a few on and the difference in size of the bulbs was crazy. The ones with the scapes on were tiny-tiny. Lesson learned.DSC_0429 We chop the scape into 1 inch pieces, place on a parchment lined baking sheet and toss in the oven at 275 until completely dried. From there they are run through the food processor and then the coffee grinder we have for herbs, if needed.  We use the scape powder like you would use garlic powder. It’s lighter flavored and a touch more onion flavored and knowing we made it makes all the difference to us. DSC_0392 I want to try making a garlic scape pesto, as I love pesto…we’ll see. If I get to it you will know. We haven’t gotten around to the solar dryer building yet but it’s coming. There are so many things we want to dry: tomato, garlic scape, raspberries, strawberries, herbs, plums, apples… 230 bulbs of garlic growing in the ground…happiness and maybe a little bad breath and indigestion…but it is glorious!DSC_0425


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