Auction Finds

It’s Sunday, which means Saturday auctioning has happened. The thrill of the hunt and the “winning”, by that I mean being willing to pay more than someone else, is a good morning of fun. CSC_0476

The finds this time are a great little box for table organization and display. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. We didn’t know where it was going or what it would be used for but that didn’t take long when we got it home.
CSC_0479It’s a chicken bell…a chicken bell! Who doesn’t need one of these? We have been trying to get a bell for some time now and this one was perfect. Once we decide where to hang it I can stop yelling out the back door when food is ready. It’s the official “come and get it” bell.
CSC_0482It was a box kind of day. This one is destined to be the garden tool box for the clippers and hand tools. It may also be the template for making more as a winter garage project.  Looks like a great cottage carry all; throw in some wine glasses, table cloth and dishes, easy to get everything you need out to the deck or fire pit. It goes on the “list”.

There was also a box lot of silverware/cutlery to be made into wind chimes and 2 antique wooden ladders that will one day be mounted on the back deck of the garage to grow climbing roses on or hang herbs to dry…projects for later in case we get bored one day.

Another day at auction and a few more unique little finds to use.


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