Pumpkin in the sky

DSC_0069Our love of tunnels continues in summer as well as winter. Our first attempt at vertical gardening seems to being working. It does require daily walks through to tuck stray vines back where we want them. Darn, forced to go to the garden daily…how will we handle it?


It is a lovely sight to behold, this canopy of green that will be food. The pumpkin are first to the top on the left, zucchini on the left being squeezed out by monster peas. We planted the same pea seeds last year and got 1 foot spindly things, happily this year they are crazy and next year we will plant them further apart just in case they are crazy again. Here’s hoping anyway. Love crazy peas.


The crazy monster peas…a little over kill but we will start harvesting and pressure canning bottles soon. The new top soil and local year old manure compost is making a huge difference. We will plan for more in the fall to build the soil again. Healthy soil gives you huge plants, go figure.

DSC_0073The other tunnel is slower. It contains two different types of cucumber. One is for making mustard pickles and the other is for bread and butter pickles, basically a straight 8″ and a smaller one.


The Amish ox-heart paste tomatoes are about 5ft tall outside now. and the ones in the greenhouse are tied to the ceiling…I had no choice, it’s where they were heading.


It’s getting to be a jungle in here. Between the ox-heart tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, organic tomatoes(not doing so well), bell peppers and Jalapeno peppers there is little room to maneuver.


One little pepper, of many, is starting to turn red. The joy of a small successes.

Have a great day and may your garden be overflowing with food.


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