Chamomile Tea, the beginning

 The sweet smell of Chamomile wafts, even if you don’t see it, you know it has happened. We planted the chamomile by the roses, lemon thyme and oregano for a pure sensory banaza.

I used two gathering methods; bouquet and finger combing. The bouquet gets tied and hung to dry.

August 2015 097Finger combing is as simple as it sounds. Run your lightly spread fingers through the blossoms, plucking multiple heads as you go. This should allow for a second bloom too. The finger combed blossoms get spread over the screen and toasted in the sun.August 2015 096 August 2015 100
August 2015 103

Now it’s time to wait. When we are feeling ill or just can’t sleep we will have our own chamomile tea to sooth us. One more thing we grow for ourselves.

Branching off into the world of flowers, never saw that coming.  


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