Growing a Picket Fence :)

We have wanted one for some time now. A picket fence gives the sense of old time order, a place for everything and everything in its place. After much research we decide to take on what appeared to be a daunting task, to grow a picket fence. Crazy you might say, such an outdated thing there are probably no seeds available anymore, and you might be right.  We found ours buried deep in a discount heap, long forgotten and passed over.


We purchased 13 of the finest picket fence seeds from the pile. We followed the directions of planting them 3 feet deep and about 8 feet apart in full sun with well-draining soil. We packed them tightly for best germination and before we knew it they sprouted. It started with horizontal growth near the base and spread to just below the top of each plant. We observed that the pickets grew best in dry sunny weather and all but went dormant in the rain. When the vertical sprouts began to branch off they turned the white we were hoping for.

Garden 2015 052

To our great pleasure the pickets grew straight and true as the seed supplier said they would. Organic heritage seeds are the best. Once the cross pieces turned white we knew they wouldn’t die, we had passed the point of worry. The pickets slowly progressed over 3 months or so until they came into full bloom. We have been told in their second year maturity will be reached and we will be able to tell this when they obtain their final white hue as well. Patience is a gardener’s friend.

growing pickets

To all who are up for a challenge, lots of trimming and constant training of sprouts, this project is for you. The famed picket fence growth, when mature, lends itself to companion plantings of flowers and shrubs. It seems once you start it is nearly impossible to stop; there must be an addictive fragrance to the pickets that carries away your inhibitions and sets your soul free.


We are in for the long haul now and are too far gone to be saved. Consider carefully what fate you wish before following in our footsteps, pickets are not for everyone.


4 thoughts on “Growing a Picket Fence :)

  1. Really enjoyed your post, your right about them not being for everyone, we are building a new fence out the front and the first thing we both said is no pickets, too much maintenance for us, enjoy yours 🙂


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