Grain Mill


Christmas brought us a gift that truly keeps giving, a grain mill. After investing in a 50 lb bag of organic Acadia grain we just needed to jump in with both feet. It would be silly to jump in any other way and I do enjoy jumping. Welcome NutriMill stone mill.

The ease and time savings are substantial, not to mention the wear and tear on our poor blender, food processor and coffee grinder. In just a few minutes we have fresh ground flour to bake with. We really wanted a stone mill as opposed to a metal one and this was the most appealing.
We gift ourselves, as a couple, every year for Christmas one major desire. In past years we bought our camera (thus the pictures you see), then there were the car starters (very handy indeed in our wonderful Island winters) and this year was our future good food. When you look at the cost over our expected life span to come…it’s really a good deal (less than a trip to Cuba we will never go on). So drink your margaritas on the beach and eat processed wheat…yeah, I said it.
Whether you buy organic flour or grind your own ( we still buy organic pasta from a local supplier), you are one step closer to knowing your food source and that is a good thing. We will be testing out bread, biscuits, rolls, tortillas, pancake mix, and anything we find along the way (pastry,cakes,and maybe even pasta…). Keeping it simple means more labor but less processed food. It’s a win as far as we are concerned.

Let the experimenting begin.



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