To the New and yet to come

It’s that time of year again, garden planning time! Our few seeds needed were ordered today from Incredible Seeds and Annapolis Seeds. The excitement that brings for the future is great. This year we are returning to our favorite Detroit Beet and Nantes carrots (went with Cylindra Heirloom beets and Chantenay carrots in 2015), adding in an eggplant( worth a try), a new lettuce, snow peas, mustard greens, organic corn( to be kept in the green house, away from the raccoon), an early tomato to compliment our very long season Amish Ox Heart tomato, and of course Parsnip for W’s daughter…it’s her favorite vegetable, so we are told.

All the rest of the garden is either our own saved seeds or a few left over seeds from last year. We are keeping some carrots, beets and turnip in peat moss to attempt seed collection in their second season;things we are learning.

We have barely started with winter and the clearing of snow but our minds have fast forwarded to spring and all the promise the new season brings.

Garden 2015 020

It’s out there under the snow, waiting with anticipation for a new chance to shine. The next 4 months are a test of our patience. Let the knitting and baking commence.

Happy New Year.



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