Handy is as Handy does

They come to us as once loved, once cherished, no longer played or capable of being so in some cases and become our new treasures. You can find them on any buy sell and trade offered for free, just take it away please, and so we do. Big, awkward, heavy and never available close to home…it’s the adventure drive to pick them up and cart them home but it amuses us. I guess that is the best answer to why we seek them out.

They are magnificent constructions of broad boards and intricate pieces, heavy pillars and tiny curiosities. Organs are preferred as they are lighter(by far) and not in the least bit dangerous to deconstruct. Pianos are insanely heavy, glued together to last  many life times of abuse and that harp, that is the basis for sound, is a weapon to be respected.

As we carefully take apart and line up the individual parts our minds whirl with what each might end up being.

I have been commenting on(maybe nagging) about a recipe book holder. Low and behold, one was conveniently created in a secret basement en-devour. I was wondering why he was gone so long but have learned not to ask, exercise patience and you shall be rewarded, as I was. The knee pieces, some random hardware saved and a fantastic reworked organ panel to create my new recipe book holder. I love it.

He has created a couple of great shelves, an entire upper organ piece sits on our mantel and there are many panels waiting to be seasonal signs in the near future.

When we are old and seemingly unwanted, may we be remade into a new and wondrous thing to go forward and bring joy, wanted yet again.



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