Wool Makes me Giddy


So, left work early to make it to the other end of the Island to one of my favorite fantasy places…MacAusland’s Woolen Mill, I could spend all I earn there.  I chose 3 ply fun colors today but they offer a variety of options, the most gorgeous wool blankets (read next years Christmas gift to self!) and on this visit they had the most magnificent sheep skin slippers (another thought for self giving :))

Well, I have a few “Silly sock” projects ahead of me. I feel less lazy when I sit and knit while enjoying my downtime then doing nothing but having down time. I’m sure there are deep seated issues involved in that but the end result is a bunch of cute socks/stockings for those in need; and who doesn’t need wool stockings, really?

I have visions of mismatched sock pairs in crazy stripes and “Grinch-ish” styled Christmas mantle stockings. Why be dull when you can be slightly odd…said this girl, never.

There are so many things floating in our collective minds to use this life and our .69 acres to it’s fullest. We just received the information to certify our kitchen for meal planning for families on the go (prepped meals ready to heat,whole grain organic bread,desserts,jams{it’s a work in progress}), we sell our home grown chicken already… crafts, vegetables, spice mixes, plants, seeds, soap, photo shoot areas (I can see the vignettes so clearly). All or none of this may come to be. The gift of winter is the right to dream as large as you can, then see what you can actually accomplish when the season allows.

A new year, a new season of hope and  the gift of time. Your dreams are possible, it’s as simple as daring to dream.

Best of luck in doing everything you can and no more.






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