230 Bulbs of Garlic

What to do , what to do? We are sitting on a successful crop of 230 bulbs of garlic from the fall (replanted 256 cloves) and so we make garlic powder. Peel the cloves, throw them all in a food processor of any kind, then dry in the oven on a parchment lined sheet at 250 until dry. Any time you use the oven, just toss the pan back in to use the residual heat to finish off the process. The golden nuggets of desiccated, super smelly, crispy garlic get ground in the coffee grinder and voila; Garlic Powder. Nothing fancy on the grinder either, this is seriously a $12 find from a local grocery store. The objective was a bowl that didn’t go through any tunnels/gears so we could have clean herbs with every grind, this is a simple grind and dump.

This is about 15 bulbs. There is a lot more powder to make.Some has been roasted whole and frozen to add to dishes, we cook heavily with fresh garlic, use lots in sauces, rub it on crusty bead, smear it(roasted) on pizza crust and have made garlic scape pesto. It is fun to have an abundance to gift and experiment with as it cost virtually nothing to create it.

We will never buy garlic powder again. What we make is fresh, chemical free and made on demand. I have great confidence in being garlic self sufficient.

Doing what we can.



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