Seed testing


It’s seed testing time. We have a seed exchange to attend at the end of February and we wanted to know our seed was good. The test is three of our saved seeds in each pod. If they sprout, we are good to go. If they don’t then we also know we need to buy or exchange to get some.

It is the time of year when we ache for outdoor green but will suffice with tiny indoor growth. The sprout in back is the ginger root success from last year, I left it in a basket on a shelf, meaning to cook with it but forgot about it(the rest is in the freezer). It started to sprout so deserved some soil for its efforts. The African violets, Peace Lily and a very special Tea Rose also got new soil and larger pots. A day with our hands in dirt, even if we had to buy it, is a good day.

There are many flowers(Marigold, Sunflower,Poppy,Bride & Groom, Hollyhock,Mums…) plus Parsley, Summer Savory, Jalapeno and Lemon Basil and a few more little bits to try in spring that we did not add to the sprout test as they are for our ground only this year. When we have an abundance we will share them, next year.

The winter sun, comfort cooking, dessert baking and the promise of spring keep our days full; testing our patience and ability to dream. It’s coming in 41 Days : 6 Hours : 17 Minutes : 49 Seconds left until start of it.(time: 23:22 EST) and counting.





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