Technology or Vintage?

As we grapple with life’s daily tasks and how to accomplish them as effectively as possible we are given the option of tried and true methods or new and “improved” ways. The new and improved tends to win out as it is easier, faster and usually really cool looking.

Well, today I was presented with a reminder that things just aren’t built as they once were; to last.  While whipping up 22 double pastry crusts…yes this happens, it just does and each ball needs to be one pound. My new fangled scale that weighs in grams or ounces calved on me. I did the first reasonable thing, replaced the battery required to make it function (always have extra batteries on hand, we’re ready Freddy!), then unscrewed and re-screwed the scale platform to ensure it was satisfactorily attached. It still bit the big one and refused to measure the same twice.  As I was about to make a mad 30 minute dash each way to town to procure a new one I looked up, way up. On top of the fridge where the antique kitchen thingies live I saw the old kitchen scale.

Epiphany! Would it work? Why not, it used to and doesn’t require anything, so why would it stop working? Low and behold it functioned perfectly. Tested it with 2kg bag of sugar and it was dutiful and true. Why have we reinvented the wheel? Technology failed and this old forgotten device kept as decoration came to my rescue. Functional, working and pretty to boot…can’t go wrong. Love it. It is my new best friend.

May your friends be old but true too.


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