New Hive Village

We have been building the new hives over the winter months and it was finally time to paint the roof shingles and assemble them on their stands. They are protected from the north winds, are south facing and level so there is a better chance of them building straight comb.


We waited until dusk to move the one hive that made it through the winter. The second hive unfortunately starved to death when we got -30 winds for a couple of days. The hive was half filled with honey but it was too cold for them to move to the other side of the hive where the food was, poor little girls.

We are styling and ready for the five new nucs that are coming soon.

Now if they can just stop getting stuck in my hair,twice today was a bit much (I was painting the tops on the hives, so really it’s my own fault).



4 thoughts on “New Hive Village

  1. You were painting the tops of the hives with the bees in them?! That’s brave, they must be very calm bees. The hives in the picture look fantastic and put mine to shame.


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