Bees in the house,their’s not mine.


The new bees are in. Five nucs arrived in a field near us for pick up, after a short wait for everyone to get back inside the box, we were set for home. That was evening so they had to wait until morning to be transferred into their new homes.

The boxes consisted of 4 deep super frames full of bees, brood, honey and hopefully a queen(didn’t see any but I have full faith that one is there or they will make one).The bees are from Ontario and the queens are from Chili. Full inspection for hive beetle , done twice, confirms we are clear and safe. Each hive got a quart of 1:1 sugar water, a piece of pollen patty to boost their chances and where left to settle in.

Tomorrow after 2 days of settling in they will get a full inspection to see how they are doing.

Can you say honey overload??? We hope so.


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