Who eats what?

Who gets to eat what is a constant struggle . We want to eat the strawberries but so does something else, or many something elses. We are not certain what, so we started the battle blind.

Last year we managed to steal 6 cups of berries from the 125 strawberry plants we planted. The rest were eaten off by the unknown gardening wildlife. So this year we invested in simple row cover fabric to protect, or so we thought, our food for ourselves. It is either the crows or the chipmunks but they are tearing through the cover and proudly showing their conquest by leaving half eaten evidence to taunt us. I tie up the holes as I find them but they do more damage every day. I no longer understand how a strawberry grower ends up with any return on the investment.

I caved and went to a u-pick to ensure our berry needs were met for the year and may have to concede defeat to the unknown challenger(s). A three year learning curve is the limit of my patience apparently. Oh well, we like raspberries and blueberries too. Maybe the strawberries become the sacrifice crop so we can have other things. I am sure the animals can’t possibly eat everything we grow, right?

So far we have been able to keep our chicken, honey, herbs, rhubarb, spinach and radish(nothing would eat radish, not even us…).

Enjoying what we have and  letting the rest go.




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