For the love of Linden

We visited a historic house, the Yeo House here on PEI. I had the freedom to wander the grounds while W was marrying a young couple in this idyllic setting.

Facebook page photo

The most magnificent smell was wafting in the July air, sweet and gentle. As it turned out it was from two tremendously large Linden trees in the front and side yards of the house. Under one tree were rope swings and benches to leisurely rest and breathe deeply, soothing away any possible troubles or thoughts of the world at large, so I did just that. I was in love.

It was this: Linden flowers

Tilia_maximowicziana_1.jpgFrom this new found love affair with the Linden we called up our local nursery, John’s Greenhouses  and inquired if they had any. There were three available so in to town we went to pick up our new additions, one Glenleven Linden and 2 American Linden.

One for the back yard and two for the front…more holes to dig but they are worth it. Apparently bees love the blossoms and the honey made from them is considered some of the best in the world. How can you say no to that?

We are led by our senses, not necessarily our sense.



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