First Photo Shoot

It’s been a week of clean up lists to ensure we had a few well presented areas in our construction site of a back yard, but we did it. Our first photo shoot took place this morning with my sister and her kids(good to try it out on family first). Thank you to Jacinta Bernard Photography for coming out for our first experience as a location.

By the end of it we were all melting in the heat but fun was had by all and ice cream treats.

Here is a look at what we had ready:

The Greenhouse interior
The barn space(AKA garage back deck)
Greenhouse exterior
Under the Maple(good branch for sitting)
Open green space
Rope swing under the Apple tree

Looking forward to seeing some of Jacinta’s finished photos, hopefully on her facebook page in the next few weeks.

My sister brought her new bunny babies and we of course had my favorite chicken girls (and one baby boy we shall call Crock-Pot). My sister lovingly called the shots with her, her daughter and the chickens “The Hen Shot”, we are a funny people.

Seeing the good in everything just takes focus.

Have a good one.



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