Preserving Time


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Once again, it’s the time of year that we work so hard for; Preserving.

A deep seated love of mason jars is evident.

Before you read further, please accept my apology for this long post/list.

This week has been busy and fun as we worked together to put down our bounty for the coming winter and a little bit for a few sales.

We managed:

  • 48 bottles salsa(mild,medium and hot)
  • 18 bottles mustard pickles
  • 13 bottles pickled beets
  • 18 bottles honey apple jelly
  • 18 bottles apple jelly (we are getting our worth out of the jelly tree this year)
  • 11 bottles cardamom plum jam
  • 12 bottles plum butter(needs a little rework as the plums were a touch tart, next week)
  • 26  bottles kernel corn pressure canned
  • 31 bottles rendered pork lard

Earlier was:

  • 8 bottles sage honey
  • 11  bottles peas (the snow peas we ate as the ripened…kept seed for next year)
  • 12 bottles dilly beans
  • 12 bottles yellow and green bean mix
  • 12 bottles spiced dilly beans
  • 12 bottles peaches in honey syrup
  • 18 bottles apple sage butter
  • 67 bottles honey
  • 75 meat chickens, first batch done
  • 18 cobs corn blanched and vacuum sealed for freezing
  • 265 bulbs garlic (seed set aside for next month’s planting)

That doesn’t cover the packing of the freezer with:

  • 96 cups chopped rhubarb
  • 110 pound ripe tomatoes
  • 30 pounds blueberries
  • 10 pounds raspberries
  • 20 pounds strawberries

The herbs have been harvested all summer and frozen or dried (too numerous to mention, truly we are out of control on this one), peppers are coming in now (drying Paprika as we speak, Jalapeno is in the salsa and the cayenne are still waiting for red, Anaheim never really took off, try again next year). The experimental eggplant has come in and a lovely Moussaka has been made(deemed girl food, yay me!).

Still to come:

  • second meat chicken batch(60 this weekend)
  • parsnip, after frost (peat moss in the cold room)
  •  potatoes, as soon as we get 2 dry days in a row
  • sweet potatoes, after frost
  • onions (stored in wire racks in the basement…they like open air but not too cool)
  • squash of all variety(zucchini,pumpkin,spaghetti,butternut,cucumber)
  • turnip, after first frost to sweeten (peat moss in the cold room)
  • beets for winter storage (peat moss in the cold room)
  • carrots (peat moss in the cold room)
  • seeds for everything for next year, drying on the vines
  • lobo apples soon, plus a trip to Arlington Orchards for our 40+ pounds of Cortland for the cold room(they keep 4 months!!). Our 2 trees are new and will produce in the next couple of years.
  • baking beans, drying on the vine

There are still many jams to do; strawberry, blueberry, rhubarb marmalade, blackberry.

The house smells great, we’re tired and happy.

We practice shared tasks and good communication/note leaving to have the other person finish something we didn’t when we ultimately run out of time and have to go to work. Working opposite shifts is a drag but in another 4 weeks I switch to day shift with him and life gets sweeter.

This isn’t work, this is life.


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