Mexican Little Person Tomato Compote

I couldn’t make up the name, truly it is from a time when politically incorrect was the norm.

We attended a seed exchange in the spring and picked up these “Mexican Midget Tomato” seeds. Figuring they were just a cherry tomato of sorts, we dedicated a small bed to their experimental growth. To say they are small is the definition of an understatement.


The plants grew easily 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide with no fruit showing at all…until you look inside and underneath the foliage. The power house of micro tomato growth was insane.

We attempted to eat a few but picking them was more of a chore than they were worth. So we pulled up the plants and brown paper bagged the under ripe tomatoes, figuring we would do “something” with them if they ripened. Well they did and we did.


It’s a roasting pan filled with three lunch bags of itty-bitty little tomatoes. The only thing I can think of to do with them is to toss them with a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, onion, fresh basil and roast them down into a compote. We enjoy a nice compote as a pizza base or over pasta for a simple quick meal (read girl food lunches ). Hot water bath it for 15 minutes in half pint jars and it will be good to go, and not wasted. We grew it and wasting that hurts my heart.


We try to add a couple of experimental items to the garden every year. This year was eggplant, mustard seed and Mexican Midget tomatoes. The seed and micro tomatoes are not hitting the ground next year as they are more work to harvest they are worth but I love the eggplant. In the past we have thrown in peanuts(turned into bird/squirrel feed) and wheat(again,too hard to harvest when we have an organic grain producer down the road).

As with everything in life; if you never try you will never know…and knowing is what keeps us going.


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