Kid Testimonials

We have put together, on our Facebook page, a list of preserves for sale locally. Some of the best testimonials are coming from the kids of Moms who have bought our jams and jellies.


The Blueberry Jam got, ” It’s like the jam came down from the Heavens !!”. Apparently the hands were thrown in the air for dramatic affect as well. It gave us a good laugh to say the least.

We have another trying to figure out how to earn $10.00 so he can buy 3 bottles of Apple Jelly for himself and not have to share with his siblings. One brother placed dibs on the last spoon of jam for breakfast then didn’t end  up eating it, so new dibs have been placed and will not be passed on by the other. Welcome to Jelly Wars. We figure we can find enough work for him (and his brother) in the gardens to earn $10.00 in short order. Working for what you want is a good lesson we are pleased to inspire and assist in.

I took some samples of our seasonings into work were my co-workers are willing guinea pigs…umm, I mean taste testers. One of my co-workers, having chicken thawing at home, tried our Italian Bread Crumb seasoning for which her son gave an enthusiastic 2 thumbs up for the new flavor.

The feed back is fun to hear. It gives me joy to feed people. When the kids love it I know we are doing it right.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s funny in an,”Oops, I could do better.”, way too. A chicken pot pie went out and the kid teased that I was trying to kill him with a twig in the pie…probably a sprig of rosemary not ground enough…oops. No one was injured in the incident. So now I over ground the herbs and this next 6 pies are green tinted with herb dust (tastes great, just green)…I am a woman of extremes apparently, but I do listen and try to learn from all the feed back I get.

Thank you.


One thought on “Kid Testimonials

  1. High praise indeed, I just wish we lived closer, although I have to say our in house critic can be a bit fickle and what is liked one day is food for the pigs the next.
    Some interesting and inspirational combinations in your list.


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