Makin’ the Bacon


We purchased a full pig from another homesteader. The pig was one of two raised, and was named Pork Chop. Pork Chop enjoyed having his ears scratched until he fell asleep in the sun  and eating garden left overs. I thoroughly enjoy hearing stories of how our food was raised.

And this is the story of how Pork Chop became bacon.

We bought this book on preserving meat and the absolute first thing we had to make was bacon. It has been years since we cut it out of our diet because, well, we try to eat only what we grow or make ourselves and we didn’t know how to make bacon.


There are many items on the “to try” list , but lets get back to the bacon! A simple salt rub and 7 days in a bag in the fridge for the pork belly. Then a cold water wash, smoking for a few hours and the fry up. Oh, the frying…the scent, the crispy edges.


Since I had made fresh bread today it was a toasted bacon sandwich for supper after a long day of Christmas baking. Today was family doughnut making day, so some salt to counter all the sugar was definitely in order. That’s the excuse I am using on myself anyway.


I couldn’t get a picture before I devoured half of it. The rest will be chilled to partial frozen then sliced on our new toy(the meat slicer) before being vac-sealed and frozen in portions.  Many days of bacon adventures are to be had in the near future and 3 more pork belly pieces to cure and smoke as needed(bacon is a need now…).

Large pieces of pork turn into the most amazing little pieces of love. I am certain the main ingredient in bacon is love, I’m sure of it.

Sending out bacon love far and wide.





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