Beard Balm


It’s the dead of winter and the cold crisp air takes its toll on our skin. To over come the dry itchy skin I pull out the basics of  brown sugar/olive oil/vanilla scrub in the shower and slather in coconut oil after. It leaves you smelling like a day at the beach and moisturized enough to get through another day. That’s all fine and dandy if you like the smell of vanilla and coconut but it’s not very manly.

For the manly beard, that is habitually grown to combat the chill, something else had to be done.  A quick internet search plus a double check of the soap making supplies on hand and an easy Beard Balm was concocted.

Beard Balm:

  • 2 ounces Shea butter
  • 1 ounce Bees wax
  • 4 ounces oil( I had grape seed so used that but coconut works too if you can handle the smell or jojoba or argon…)

You can certainly add any essential oils you like but for a mister who doesn’t like scents, plain worked out well.

I put all ingredients in a glass bowl, microwaved 30 seconds at a time and stirred in between each cycle until all was mostly melted. The stirring will work the last of the bees wax in without having to heat until it is all dissolved. Of course it can be done over a double boiler or however you see fit. Just get it warm enough to melt without boiling.

Then the liquid was quickly poured into two 125 ml mason jars. This set quickly, be ready.

Rub a small amount into your beard and massage in. If you have a soft bristle beard brush to distribute the balm evenly and get it into the skin, so much the better.

Hard working men deserve a little cold weather luxury and every woman knows a softer beard is never a bad thing.




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