Spring and rebirth, it is upon us.

So, it’s spring and we are full of new plans and excitement.

The 10 arches are ready for the climbing roses to be planted. It took 2 years to get them but they are at our supplier waiting for us and will get them shortly. It is to be a deep red and fragrant Don Juan and a white fragrant Hella. Finding roses with deep scent has been a hunt. If it doesn’t smell like a rose, why plant it? It might just be me?

The old chimney brick is piled against the house for the continuing walkway from the greenhouse, the arch walk is going to be grass at this point.

One last row of picket fence to go from the last arch to the greenhouse edge(with another arch to the side into the new shade garden of course!) is yet to be done.

The house and greenhouse seedlings are doing well and will go in the ground soon.

There are 7 new raised beds going in so we stop rotto tilling our potato beds, a cutting garden(or medicinal, yet to decide) going in the green house picketed fence area as the raspberry patch moves to the newly cleared back corner. We cleared all non-orchard trees from the little unused corner last year in prep for this.  Plus adding some lovely black current bushes and a Tay Berry bush from friends.

There is, as mentioned,  a shade garden of local natural plants going in between the green house and the fence line. A quick trip to MacPhail Woods Nursery and we are in business. We have to pick up our order for Ostrich fern, Witch hazel, Bayberry, Swamp Milkweed, Dutchmans Breeches (again, can’t giggle enough at growing pants!), and Hairy Sweet Cicily. There will surely be more selected when we get there as we have no control over our plant procurement habit.

The tandem loads of new soil have started arriving(local seaweed laced at that) and the local child labour has been contacted for wood stacking.

We have signed up to be a  garden tour location for July 16th and are in full force to pull  it together. Nothing like setting a deadline on productivity…like we need one.

The meat chicks have been ordered and their coop is scheduled for a fix up as raccoons and rodents have had a hay day over the winter with burrowing under the slab and eating through wooden door jams and walls. We had no idea after 15+yrs with that shed that now they would become obsessed with entry???

The 3 new bee nucs are ready for pick up this weekend(as 3 died over winter and these are local created, which is new for us), the pollen patties are out as well as the new bee feeder, which they seem to love and is in full vigor. Simply drill small holes in the inner edge of a bucket, fill with sugar water , put on the lid and flip over. Perfection. Just have to take it to the greenhouse at night or the raccoon will have a sugar high.


Our kitchen may be temporarily closed but we are building plans for next year, you can slow us down, throw obstacles at us but we will find a way.

It is spring and everything is possible when the sun shines on you.


4 thoughts on “Spring and rebirth, it is upon us.

  1. Just watch out that Hairy Sweet Cicely doesn’t get into doesn’t get into the Dutchman’s Breeches, who knows what you will end up with!
    Always impressed with your industrious garden, it sounds like a busy year ahead.


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