A Picture-less Post, tired…

So, spring is turning to summer and finally we have some heat to plant the gardens in. We thought it might never happen. We took 3 days off work plus the upcoming weekend to getter’ done. Days one and two are behind us and we are exhausted. There is no other way to put it.

The potatoes were planted 3 weeks ago and ,with some loving watering, are breaking through the straw covering. The peas and snow peas went in about the same time and have stayed alive, I ask for no more at this time.

The coop needed some repairs, the compost piles needed to be turned/moved, the picket fence needed some more painting(it’s almost done, just some rhubarb to move to access the rest) and we have busily been digging up strawberry, rhubarb and raspberry to give away to happy recipients as we had far too much.

We have planted all of the seeds and by the end of the weekend will plant the starts from the greenhouse as they are hardening off.

We are gluttons for punishment and just couldn’t resist the add on a local selling site that listed “fire grass” for sale, I mean it sounds so cool. Then they had other plants too so our collective OCD took over and ,40 plants later, we have them planted today. We (and I use this phrase loosely) may also have dug up 17 other plants ,we got them last year at end of season sales and were thrown in an open garden bed, and potted them to be moved…just maybe.

That and mowing the grass finally (we waited until June so the bees would have the dandelions and/or to save us work…it’s all good) which included quite a bit of raking. Not bad though as it all goes in the compost rows.

With a well needed rain storm, we rest. It’s time for rhubarb pie, some baked BBQ ribs, garlic mashed potatoes and the couch. I it weren’t for rain and full time jobs we might never rest. Yes, going to work on Monday is viewed as a rest as neither of us are required to dig holes at work.

The pie is calling. Enjoy your weekend.


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