We met in 2010, started out with a small garden and the basic idea of growing food for preserving. Then we caught the homesteading bug and it’s been non-stop ever since.

We grow most of our own food now, everything from chickens to herbs, vegetables and honey. We find immense joy in having a fully stocked cold room and freezer. Knowing that our food is clean and how many hands have touched it is important, knowing the hand is even better.

It’s always a good day to plant. There is always enough time to smell a rose.

We work on building what we need to be functional and occasionally add “pretty” to the list. We love lists, specifically To Do lists.  A daily check to make sure we are “on plan” gives us comfort. We often look at each other and ask,    ”Are you having fun?”, and the answer thus far is always yes! As long as we can both say yes, we will keep heading down this path that may mean more labor,  but also more love, in our every effort.

This is us, may you find joy in being you

fgh-2016-030Finally I am putting a picture of us on here. To this point we have been behind the scenes, literally. I am Janice and my love is Wensel, formerly known as W and the man who builds everything to make me happy. Welcome to a piece of our lives.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Your Mom sent me the link and as I was reading I thought Wow! you two have been busy. I can’t believe how much you’ve accomplished. Way to go and good luck with your future endeavors


  2. Heat & electricity to the green house!!! I wish, seriously my greenhouse isn’t that big, but heating would be great, I have been investigating heated propagating beds in the greenhouse. I have seen a few other bloggers with greenhouses who use those clay balls. Your garden looks and sounds like your paradise!

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