Wool Makes me Giddy


So, left work early to make it to the other end of the Island to one of my favorite fantasy places…MacAusland’s Woolen Mill, I could spend all I earn there.  I chose 3 ply fun colors today but they offer a variety of options, the most gorgeous wool blankets (read next years Christmas gift to self!) and on this visit they had the most magnificent sheep skin slippers (another thought for self giving :))

Well, I have a few “Silly sock” projects ahead of me. I feel less lazy when I sit and knit while enjoying my downtime then doing nothing but having down time. I’m sure there are deep seated issues involved in that but the end result is a bunch of cute socks/stockings for those in need; and who doesn’t need wool stockings, really?

I have visions of mismatched sock pairs in crazy stripes and “Grinch-ish” styled Christmas mantle stockings. Why be dull when you can be slightly odd…said this girl, never.

There are so many things floating in our collective minds to use this life and our .69 acres to it’s fullest. We just received the information to certify our kitchen for meal planning for families on the go (prepped meals ready to heat,whole grain organic bread,desserts,jams{it’s a work in progress}), we sell our home grown chicken already… crafts, vegetables, spice mixes, plants, seeds, soap, photo shoot areas (I can see the vignettes so clearly). All or none of this may come to be. The gift of winter is the right to dream as large as you can, then see what you can actually accomplish when the season allows.

A new year, a new season of hope and  the gift of time. Your dreams are possible, it’s as simple as daring to dream.

Best of luck in doing everything you can and no more.






Handy is as Handy does

They come to us as once loved, once cherished, no longer played or capable of being so in some cases and become our new treasures. You can find them on any buy sell and trade offered for free, just take it away please, and so we do. Big, awkward, heavy and never available close to home…it’s the adventure drive to pick them up and cart them home but it amuses us. I guess that is the best answer to why we seek them out.

They are magnificent constructions of broad boards and intricate pieces, heavy pillars and tiny curiosities. Organs are preferred as they are lighter(by far) and not in the least bit dangerous to deconstruct. Pianos are insanely heavy, glued together to last  many life times of abuse and that harp, that is the basis for sound, is a weapon to be respected.

As we carefully take apart and line up the individual parts our minds whirl with what each might end up being.

I have been commenting on(maybe nagging) about a recipe book holder. Low and behold, one was conveniently created in a secret basement en-devour. I was wondering why he was gone so long but have learned not to ask, exercise patience and you shall be rewarded, as I was. The knee pieces, some random hardware saved and a fantastic reworked organ panel to create my new recipe book holder. I love it.

He has created a couple of great shelves, an entire upper organ piece sits on our mantel and there are many panels waiting to be seasonal signs in the near future.

When we are old and seemingly unwanted, may we be remade into a new and wondrous thing to go forward and bring joy, wanted yet again.


Mother of all yard sales

Here on P.E.I. we have a yearly yard sale tradition. It is called the 70 mile yard sale and involves the Charlottetown East area of the Island. The locals put out their wares and a sign stating they are participants in the event. There is everything from used tires, baby clothes, fresh local vegetables, antiques, puzzles…anything you might have in your garage or basement. It is an event we look forward to.

Our day starts at 4 am, coffee and packing a cooler lunch of snacks you can eat on the go and frozen water bottles. We are out the door by 5:30 to reach the starting point by 7 am just as the sun has decided to breach the horizon enough to allow us to see what is set out.

If you are not “Yard Sailing” I am certain the traffic must be an impressive aggravation of slow moving vehicles and road side parking obstacle courses…but if you are in the hoards it is just good fun. The goal is to stay ahead of the serious shop owners with deep pockets trying to score all the great deals.

In years past we have come away with our old crank phone that is wired with a rotary phone and actually works. There are “new” table cloths and Christmas ornaments, knitting needles, kitchen gadgets, cold room storage items, antique beds, picture frames. The love of the hunt is all encompassing.

This year my favorite finds are an old safety deposit box. I was told it is from Georgetown here on P.E.I. and I instantly fell in love with it. I will have to take it to a locksmith and get a key made for it, then find it a home in a cupboard where it can continue to hide precious things.

CSC_0279 CSC_0281 CSC_0283

Next was a little grate to hang on the wall, very sweet.


A couple of horse tackle items to use as sign hangers.


A couple of ceiling lights to match the living room table lamps from an auction. The kitchen will finally have light accents that better blend with the decor (brass and glass basics are going, going, gone!). Some serious cleaning and they will be gloriously us.


The prerequisite basket. I can never leave without adding to the basket collection. They are all used often or given as gift baskets of goodies, necessitating regular restocking.


This one happens to have been taken over by Nemesis, so much for a new laundry basket. She will grow tired of it momentarily and it will be mine, I’m sure of it.

There were blankets and Echinacea plants, organic green mountain potatoes, glass jars, propane lanterns, cookie sheets (for greenhouse drip trays)…and so much more. A successful and fun family day that included a brief stop at Point Prim Lighthouse for a tail gate lunch and dipping my feet in the Northumberland Straight.

Twelve hours of jack rabbit driving and endless walking and haggling and we are done for another year. A new sheet of paper will live on the fridge with the ever growing list of items of interest to keep our eyes open for next year.

Until then, may your hunting be prosperous and joyful. Another’s junk may be your treasure.

Auction Finds

It’s Sunday, which means Saturday auctioning has happened. The thrill of the hunt and the “winning”, by that I mean being willing to pay more than someone else, is a good morning of fun. CSC_0476

The finds this time are a great little box for table organization and display. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. We didn’t know where it was going or what it would be used for but that didn’t take long when we got it home.
CSC_0479It’s a chicken bell…a chicken bell! Who doesn’t need one of these? We have been trying to get a bell for some time now and this one was perfect. Once we decide where to hang it I can stop yelling out the back door when food is ready. It’s the official “come and get it” bell.
CSC_0482It was a box kind of day. This one is destined to be the garden tool box for the clippers and hand tools. It may also be the template for making more as a winter garage project.  Looks like a great cottage carry all; throw in some wine glasses, table cloth and dishes, easy to get everything you need out to the deck or fire pit. It goes on the “list”.

There was also a box lot of silverware/cutlery to be made into wind chimes and 2 antique wooden ladders that will one day be mounted on the back deck of the garage to grow climbing roses on or hang herbs to dry…projects for later in case we get bored one day.

Another day at auction and a few more unique little finds to use.

Light moments

Nemi being daring, to begin with. All the claws came out to hold on as she worked her way back across to the fridge. I laughed at her and got the camera 🙂

Scared to get down, and all I do is laugh at her :)

The Girls enjoying having a fresh air exchange happening today, all the doors open and sun shining in.

coming to meet me
coming to meet me
Happy Chicken
Happy Chicken

The paths are all open to the coop and beehive, that always makes me happy.

The daily walk.
The daily walk.
That's  a beehive back there, we have to dig it out almost daily now.
That’s a beehive back there, we have to dig it out almost daily now.

Things in the house are growing. Lots and lots of things.

Cherry Tomato
Cherry Tomato

Our flock of Gold Finch are back again, one at first with his ladies and then the whole group came in from the trees at the chicken coop. Sounded nice getting the eggs this morning.

Gold Finch and his posse of girls, very proud.
Gold Finch and his posse of girls, very proud.

We all love tunnels around here apparently, even Old Man Winter and the Squirrels.

Nature made a tunnel at the mail box, thank you.
Nature made a tunnel at the mail box, thank you.
The squirrel made a tunnel to the down spout. We all like tunnels.
The squirrel made a tunnel to the down spout.

Knitting Memories

Smaller storm results
Smaller storm results

Storms make me sit quietly, sometimes, and I can let my mind wander. Knitting is a great pass time for allowing that and I don’t end up feeling like I have wasted time. I am not good at doing nothing, it drives me crazy and as I do have many occasions to wear rubber boots and the wool socks do make them very comfy, it all works out.

Big storm results
Big storm results

So, when the sky turns white and there is no point in cooking, as the power may not stay on, I knit.

My mother taught me to knit recently, she has the patience of a saint. I probably knit as a child but that was long, long ago. It was awkward and  frustrating but I got the basic stitches attempted and after a year of repeatedly trying and repeatedly putting the basket away no further ahead, it happened; I could knit a sock. The goal accomplished. I may never go beyond the sock but it makes me happy.

A reminder to learn from those around you, they may not always be there. A fond memory is sweeter than a lost opportunity and regret( I never learned to use my father’s wood lathe, always fascinated to watch him but never asked to learn). Take the time, soon, and sit with a friend or family member and let them teach you  something.

When I use a skill from a loved one I pull up the memories and warm my heart with them.


Did I know something???
Did I know something???

So, Mom found some old photos and decided to share. Throw back Thursday it is:

I apparently had an inkling of what my life would hold way back then. I dressed up in more crazy outfits…if I only had that apron now.

Laughter is the best medicine…I’m cured, thanks 🙂